Hearth Ventures

We are here to enable new age entrepreneurs to leverage India’s artisanal diversity for global markets. Revitalize artisanal off-farm livelihoods. Promote regenerative consumption.

The mission for More.
growth capital.
More Entrepreneurs and innovation.
brand led growth.
share of global trade.
More rural off-farm livelihoods.

Catalysing growth that is
Innovative, Impactful and Inclusive

A one of a kind market opportunity worth
$346bn (India) / ($3.1 trillion (Global)
by 2030
Source : Hearth ventures market study 2022

One of the big challenges for the Indian economy is creation of livelihoods, particularly women in rural areas that do not require urban migration. The Cultural, Creative and Circular sectors represent the biggest opportunity to do so, while taking forward our heritage skills and culture. The 3C sector has been considered from the lens of philanthropy and not investible so far. However, there is a huge addressable market opportunity both in Indian and global markets. Further there are tailwinds for the sector like conscious buying, cross border e-commerce and technology that will lead to a 4-5x growth by 2030. A thriving 3C sector can help us progress on the Global Sustainable Development Goals for India such as enhancing livelihood for artisanal communities, reducing urban overpopulation and migration, women empowerment, preserving cultural diversity and responsible consumption and production.

Our research indicates that new-age entrepreneurs, savvy in design, marketing and technology are beginning to focus on the 3C sector. This entrepreneurial energy is very much required to bridge the gap between producers and global consumers. Hearth Ventures is the only fund investing at an early stage into new-age entrepreneurs who focus on the creative, cultural and circular economy startups to create profitable enterprises that create positive impact on rural livelihood and the environment. Our vision is to create a million jobs and offset x tons of carbon as India’s first venture fund for Creative, Cultural and Circular Economy Enterprises.

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