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Hearth Ventures is the only fund investing at an early stage into new-age entrepreneurs with start-ups in the creative, cultural and circular economy. These enterprises have the potential to scale profitably and deliver positive impact on rural livelihood and the environment.

India faces the challenge of creating livelihoods for its young population, particularly women. The Cultural, Creative and Circular sectors represent our biggest opportunity, leveraging our heritage, skills and culture. Thus far, the 3C sectors have been approached from a philanthropic lens and not  investible. There is a huge addressable market opportunity  in India and global markets. Further,  tailwinds such as conscious buying, cross border e-commerce and technology  will lead to a 4-5x growth of the sector by 2030. A thriving 3C sector can help us progress on the Global Sustainable Development Goals such as enhancing livelihood for artisanal communities, reducing urban overpopulation and migration, women empowerment, preserving cultural diversity and responsible consumption and production. Our research indicates that new-age entrepreneurs, savvy in design, marketing and technology are beginning to focus on the 3C sector. This entrepreneurial energy is integral to bridge the gap between producers and global consumers. Our vision is to create a million jobs as India’s first venture fund for Creative, Cultural and Circular Economy Enterprises

Hearth Ventures Fund 1 will  invest at Pre-series A to  Series A stages in start-ups for the 3C sector with promising founders, reasonable evidence of product-market fit as well as established businesses with potential for growth.

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