Frequently asked questions

1What is your investment focus?

Our focus is on the handicrafts, handmade, art sectors and any company that enables these sectors whether in technology, ecommerce, logistics, and suchlike. A second focus area is companies that address the circular economy, i.e. are focused on eliminating or reducing waste whether through sustainable products, packaging or solutions that help sustainability. Finally, consumers in all sectors are online, art is going digital, and web 3.0 is here. We are actively looking for companies who have digital art, and other online business models.

2At what stage do you invest?

We invest across stages, starting from an idea to a mature business. However, we are very selective at the idea stage because we might not be best equipped to handhold too many idea-stage start-ups. Our sweet spot is someone who has built a business with a suite of products and some customers.

3What do you mean by the term Mentor fund?

In addition to financial investment, our team along with our network of mentors and advisors, we will help a portfolio company and the founders in various forms such as defining business plans, creating market linkages, strengthening governance & control processes, hiring, technology etc. More importantly, we will help with taking the enterprise up the levels of capability and maturity. Think of us as a coach to the business and the leadership team.

4How much do you invest and on what terms?

As an involved investor, we will work with the company to assess the right amount of funding required to reach the next milestone in their journey. We are presently able to invest between INR 1 Cr and 5 Cr and if the requirement is larger, we can lead the round with other co-investors.

5How long would you stay invested and how will you exit your investment?

Our participation will mirror the differing trajectories and potential of each portfolio company. For example, there may be rapidly growing companies who require to raise further rounds and may either go public or sell to a strategic investor. Or there might be companies who will stabilise at some stage and generate cashflows and the founders may not wish to sell out but rather buyback our investment. We will structure our investments and time-frame in a manner that helps us exit at the right time while facilitating the company's trajectory.

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