Our Operating


At Hearth Ventures, we believe that our sector focus, capital and business mentoring can create role models of successful creative, cultural and regenerative enterprises for others to emulate. We invest into and actively help build start-ups  at the early stage. We have longer holding cycles than most early stage funds,  yet a clear focus on exit and value creation for all stakeholders.  We work across different types of businesses within the creative, cultural and  circular economy enterprises – producers, sellers and enablers.  

Business models that we invest in


  • Apparel & Textile
  • Sustainable fashion
  • Artisanal decor
  • Basketry & Earthenware
  • Gifting & Souvenirs
  • Plant based packaging
  • Regenerative tourism
  • Indic wellness
  • Sustainable kitchenware


  • Craft-tech solutions*
  • Artisan insurance 
  • SME financing
  • Sustainable textiles services
  • Logistics company
  • Projects & Design platforms
  • Museums & festivals
  • Circular economy ventures
  • eCommerce wholesalers


  • Omnichannel retailers
  • Brick & Mortar Retail chains
  • B2B Marketplaces
  • International distributor
  • Metaverse platforms

* Blockchain for Provenance, IoT, Metaverse

How we engage as Investors

We invest at Pre-series A/Series A 3C sector start-ups after rigorous due diligence. We support founders to build robust business models with judicious capital allocation for profitable growth and scale.

Evaluate opportunity
Hearth team meets the founders  to understand the opportunity and fundraising requirements. Based on initial findings and an assessment of various criteria, the relationship  is progressed to the next level.
Gather Insights
Additional analysis  for screened opportunities is conducted with details on the start-up’s business model, product & customer feedback,market and sector analysis & deal terms.
Execute transaction
Post internal approval and term sheet and due diligence, the transaction documents are finalised for final Investment committee approval. Funds are  transferred after closing formalities.
Create value
Post investment, Hearth Ventures  participates actively in the portfolio company  for  strategic planning, scheduled  MIS reviews, governance and risk management, capability building in people, technology, marketing & operations support, future funding and exits planning.

What we look for

Ambitious founders
Resilience & Learning Agility
Passionate and demonstrated commitment to the 3C sector
Alignment of values and operating styles
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