How we work

At Hearth Ventures, we believe that our sector focus, capital and business mentoring can create role models of successful crafts enterprises for others to emulate. We work with enterprises across different growth stages, from start-ups to scale-ups and use our extensive operating and investment experience to help you grow at every step. We work across different types of businesses within the hand-made crafts sector – producers, sellers and enablers.

What type of crafts enterprises do we invest in?

  • Furniture
  • Lighting
  • Apparel & Textile
  • Pottery
  • Basketry
  • Wall art
  • Kitchen ware
  • Accessories
  • Gifting Items
  • eCommerce wholesaler
  • Logistics company
  • Technology* company
  • Design entrepreneur
  • Project Company
  • Digital art
  • Circular economy ventures
  • eCommerce retailer
  • Retail chain
  • Marketplaces
  • International distributor
  • Experience studio

* Technology for selling, digital marketing, ERPs, Digital Art and NFTs etc.

What to expect from us as investors

As involved investors, we channel our energies into understanding the founder and the business and how working together might make sense for all parties.
STAGE 01 Explore opportunity Understand founder and idea. Explore alignment of objectives and values
STAGE 02 Gather Insights Review past business performance, current business plans, understand the markets and customers, supply chain, and key business enablers
STAGE 03 Plan together Agree on a growth road map for the business, size and terms of our investment and participation. Conduct detailed due diligence where applicable. Complete the paper work and resourcing
STAGE 04 Create value Prepare a detailed operating plan, help build the organization, conduct regular reviews and support on strategic initiatives. Eventually raise follow-on funding or exit the investment

What we look for

Ambitious founders
Creative curiosity
Passionate and demonstrated commitment to the hand-made sector
Alignment of values and operating styles
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