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Hearth Ventures is India’s first Mentor Fund for Craft and Circular Economy Enterprises. We manage our investments in Indian handmade crafts, design and circular economy ventures, currently from a proprietary capital pool.

The hand-made sector, the second largest source of livelihood in India, needs revival post-pandemic. A thriving handmade industry can help us progress on the Global Sustainable Development Goals for India such as enhancing livelihood for artisanal communities, reducing urban overpopulation and migration, women empowerment, preserving cultural diversity and responsible consumption and production.

The company is founded by an accomplished team with  90+ years in building brands, technology ventures, investing, mentoring and influencing change through social responsibility initiatives.

We invest in enterprises with global ambitions, respect for artisans and sustainability with growth capital and access to market linkages and business mentoring.  We expect to create role models of successful businesses which leads to more innovation and stimulates growth in this sector.

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